9D VR Egg Seats

Space capsule design
3D surround sound, dynamic space shape

Interactive cabin with dynamic effects
Vibration make you free to move in the new funny world

720o Free vision
Without dead ends brings you to enjoy the new funny world with real feelings

Brings great business opportunity
Small business location (only 2-9 square meter)

How to make profit
Easy operation, no space restrictions
Mall, park, community, school, KTV, cinemas

Attractive Interactive Games
You can not only watch the 9D VR movie, but also can play the interactive game

Short time, Fast return
Each 9d VR movie lasts 3-8 minutes, but brings amazing return. The exciting game will make us immersed and play it again and again.

Περισσότερες Φωτογραφίες

Βίντεο Προϊόντος

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